“You’re too heavy, shut up” – Juan Mata slammed Manchester United star

“You’re too heavy, shut up” – Juan Mata slammed Manchester United star

Manchester United midfielder Juan Matas revealed his United teammate talks a lot but then actions

However, Mata highlighted his teammate Bruno is sick and always likes to talk about the game

“Bruno is football sick. Sometimes I tell him: ‘You’re too heavy, shut up!’,” Mata told The Athletic.

“With Bruno, I speak a lot about football, he knows a lot of players, he knows everything, kind of like Ander Herrera was.”

Mata has called for a change in Manchester United’s culture after a disappointing season for the Red Devils.

“It’s clear that on the pitch, we have made many mistakes.

“We could have also dealt better with certain situations that were happening in the club, managers changing, negative things.

“At the end of the day, we let that maybe affect too much the energy of Carrington

“Certain standards were not met. Whether that’s an attitude, level of training, or off the pitch, which doesn’t include players, we haven’t been good enough.

“So that’s where we could learn. Also, certain things were out of our control, which we shouldn’t let affect us

“You feel that way when you see certain things are not good enough. But we shouldn’t have let things happen.

“Many circumstances can affect certain behaviors. If you don’t have a solid base, when bad things come, it is difficult to stay all together.

“We need a reset in the culture of the club. That’s how I feel.

“The standards, what it means to represent this club to any player, what entitles you to play for Manchester United, and what is expected on the pitch and off the pitch.

“Many things that need to be clear — this is Manchester United and anyone who doesn’t meet those standards is not up to the task and should not be here. That’s as clear as I can be.”

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