Timo Werner Predicted Euro 2020 Winner

Timo Werner Predicted Euro 2020 Winner

Timo Werner Predicted Euro 2020 Winner

Germany and Chelsea Forwarder Timo Werner reveals the Country he wish will lift Euro 2020 trophy.

The 25 years old Forwarder has made an impressive performance in Euro 2020 with few minutes played

He made three appearance from bench helping his teammates to reach quarter final before been eliminated

Asked whether England can win Euro 2020, Werner told Sky Sports: ‘Yes I think so.

‘Yesterday for sure was a brilliant game from them they were the better team in the game on Tuesday [against Germany] so they have it all what you need to win the Euros and I wish them all the best.

The 25-year-old, who is starting his holidays after Germany’s exit, was a guest of Red Bull at the Grand Prix.

Werner was mistakenly referred to as a Chelsea goalkeeper by the Sky presenter but was eagerly anticipating the race.

Prior to the race Werner backed Red Bull’s Max Verstappen to succeed.

Werner said: ‘Its my third grand prix, I went two times to Germany before and every time it is something special.

To see the cars normally on TV and now to watch them from two meters away is something very special.

‘I think Max [Verstappen] will run away with it. I think Hamilton is too far away today and Max is really strong

and last weekend as well [won at same track] so I think he will win today.

He said: ‘I think it is something totally different to football because in football you have your own bubble two hours before the game where nobody talks to you.

Here everyone is around you talking to you.

It’s crazy how drivers manage, so you can learn a lot to be cool in front of a race. its a tough race.’

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