See what Pogba said about Rudiger after he played him”dirty game”

See what Pogba said about Rudiger after he played him"dirty game"

See what Pogba said after Rudiger’s played him”dirty game”

France hosted Germany in a European Competition clash on Tuesday night June 15

German center-back Antonio Rudiger was caught playing a dirtying game with Pogba by biting their France player

he did it in a way that he got both the ref and VAR confused if it was a bit or not

Check out what Pogba said after Rudiger's played him

However, Pogba reported to the referee but the incident didn’t get the ref attention before halftime

“Hey! Ref Antonio Rudiger bit me, didnt you saw that” Pogba complained to the ref.

However, having to recheck the incident Vieira said;

‘When you see Pogbas reaction, it felt like a bite. I don’t understand what he was trying to do there.

Keane responded to Vieira thought

‘I think it was more of a nibble than a bite. It’s a silly thing to do’.

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