Luke Shaw hit back on Mourinho after criticize him

Luke Shaw hit back on Mourinho after criticize him

Luke Shaw hit back on Mourinho after criticizing him

Manchester United and England left-back Luke Shaw responded to Mourinho after criticized him.

After making a set piece-taking ability by putting a brilliant cross to Harry Maguire to head goal against Ukraine.

He made an impressive performance against Ukraine during European Competition.

Before the knockout stages, Mourinho criticized Shaw for his set-piece taking ability

‘For me, he is not a guy to take set pieces or be in the box to win a duel in the air.

He is very fast and a perfect position is to stay back on corners to cope with transitions.

‘But maybe Gareth needed a left foot or he did something very good in training that we didn’t see in the game.

But no drama. Maybe against Germany, he takes an amazing corner, and England wins from that. Fantastic.’

Shaw’s delivery for Harry Maguire was hailed by BBC Sport commentator Jermaine Jenas, who described the cross as ‘beautifully whipped’.

Luke Shaw hit back on Mourinho after criticize him

He said on commentary duty: ‘Absolute delivery from Luke Shaw. He whipped that onto Harry Maguire’s head.

‘This is the one that Gareth Southgate is waiting for, bringing set pieces into the game. Look at the aggression

determination from Harry Maguire. He was never going to miss that one.

‘Massive goal for England, but that delivery from Luke Shaw – you can’t underestimate how beautifully whipped in that ball was.’

The England left-back hit back at Mourinho’s comments last week he said;

I don’t understand it,’ said Shaw, who had a wry smile when Mourinho’s comments came up.

‘I don’t know why he is still going on and wanting to point at me.

‘I don’t feel like the set-pieces were as bad as he was saying.

I might have done one in the second half, a corner, that didn’t get over the first man.

But that was one out of three. The other two or three, I don’t think, were as “dramatically bad” as he says.

‘Look, he has got to do his job. I’m used to him saying negative stuff about me, so I just pass it by.

‘His voice is very big. He likes to talk a lot about me, as everyone has seen recently.

But his voice is his own. He can say what he wants, I will focus on myself.

I take set-pieces at United, so it wasn’t as if it was something I wasn’t ready for.’

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