‘it’s a day to cry’ after 4-2 loss to Germany

'it's a day to cry' after their 4-2 loss to Germany

‘it’s a day to cry’ after their 4-2 loss to Germany

Portugal Manager Fernando Santos admitted it a day of cry after losing to Germany

But insists his side need to put back fighting spirit ahead of their next game despite 4-2 lose

Ronaldo open his first ever goal against Germany in just 15mins but Ruben Dias and Raphael Guerriero gave Germany HT lead

second half Chelsea forwarder Kai Havertz net and Robin Gosens seal the winning goal.

However, Portugal try their best after Liverpool player Diego Jota scoring a consolation goal.

'it's a day to cry' after their 4-2 loss to Germany

In post-Match preview Portugal boss said;

: ‘It’s the smile of trust in a team that hasn’t given up, that plays against Germany and fights until the end. I am proud of that.

‘Would I have preferred to have won? Of course.

But we must be proud of how we battled until the end.’

In his interview, Santos also claimed he sent German chancellor Angela Merkel a message following the game.

He said: ‘I sent a message to Merkel to congratulate her.

What matters now is that we do the same (fight until the end) for this Wednesday.

‘The Portuguese people are with the team its in these difficult times we must unite and give strength to each other.

We were winning for 1-0 and ended up losing 2-4, its not the result we wanted.

Today is a day to cry but we have to turn it around, with that same fighting spirit, in Budapest.’

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