Granada boss sends warning to Manchester United

Granada boss sends warning to Manchester United

Granada boss sends warning to Manchester United

Diego Martinez Send warning to man united ahead of Europa league clash

The two side are going to battle in Europe League quarter final today

Here is wat he said;

“We respect every team and we’re not going to find out right now what United is. It’s a giant in Europe, it’s an amazing team.

But if we are in the quarter-finals and we’re facing them it’s because we’ve done many good things,” he said.

“We’re going to play 180 minutes, plus injury-time, and we believe in our possibilities.

Last year we were candidates, one, two or three to be back in the second division and we ended up in Europe.

“There’s a sentence in our dressing room ‘they didn’t know it’s impossible so they did it” so this is what we try to think of.

We are very proud of the people we have here because with this we can go anywhere.

“We can go to the desert or anywhere because we feel strong

we want to make the most of the moment and this is something that makes us grow in itself.

“It’s very stimulating, very rewarding to be in a match like this one not only because we are in the quarter-finals of the Europa League, but also the game itself, the match itself.

We of course want to give our perfect game – the match of our lives. This is what we need to win. This is what we have to focus on.”

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