Gosens revenge on Cristiano Ronaldo

Gosens revenge on Cristiano Ronaldo

Gosens revenge on Cristiano Ronaldo

Robin Gosens got his revenge on Christian Ronaldo after Germany beat Portugal in Euro2020 4-2

Gosens was the best player in the match as his side Germany destroyed Ronaldo despite early goal

After beating Portugal the German international Gosens also got his revenge on Ronaldo

The German reveals how he asked Cristiano for his shirt after Atlanta face Juventus but he refused

Gosens revenge on Cristiano Ronaldo

“After the game against Juventus, I wanted to fulfil my dream of getting Cristiano Ronaldo’s shirt,” he said in the post-match press conference.

“After the final whistle, I went up to him, I didn’t even go to the fans to celebrate.

“I asked him: ‘Cristiano, can we swap shirts?’ He didn’t even look at me and just said no.

“I was totally red [faced] and embarrassed. You know that moment when something embarrassing happens to you and you look to see if someone has noticed? I felt like that and tried to hide.”

The story spread across the Atalanta dressing room and, in the end, his teammates bought him a Ronaldo shirt as a joke.

However, it was Gosens who had the last laugh after his display against Portugal, as he did not ask for Ronaldo’s shirt after the game.

“This time I didn’t ask for his shirt,” he said.

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