Chelsea reveals “new Ronaldo”

Chelsea reveals "new Ronaldo"

Chelsea reveals “new Ronaldo”

Chelsea player Kia Havertz believes fans expect him to be the new Rinaldo during Euro2020

The 23years old joined Standford Bridges side from Bayern Leverkusen at a deal worth £89m

Despite Facing difficulties at Chelsea in this first season.

he has managed to score 4 goals ad 3 assists in 24 appearances across all games

Chelsea reveals "new Ronaldo"

However, Havertz finished this season as a Champions league hero with his winning goal against ManCity.

“People expect you to the new Christian Ronaldo,” Havert told a German reporter

‘But it wont be that fast, everything is new and I didn’t play my best football at the beginning.

‘I felt a completely different pressure than before in Leverkusen.’

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