Nengi reveals why she rejected Ozo’s proposal to Laycon

Nengi reveals why she rejected Ozo’s proposal to Laycon

After crying for feelings and Ozo’s departure, She was spotted living so excited in the jacuzzi last night alongside Laycon who always love to flaunt her butts.

Nengi feeling so intoxicated revealed every hidden truth about Ozo and the reason why she has been rejecting his love proposal despite being so close.

Laycon felt that was the opportunity to get his desired information from her and asked her why she always rejected Ozo’s proposal.

The housemate said.

“It will take time for me to date anyone because I need to be friends first and be sure he can deal with the excesses”

“I like him so much, cried in the dairy room several times because of him but I need to be outside the house before I make a decision”

“Most of my exes were my long time friends before we started dating because I know the kind of person I am”

“When I fall in love it’s really deep”

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